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"There is no doubt that the education received at the New York Bartending School® is among the most prestigious and competitive in the industry" - Absolut USA



Bartending schools are far from equal. There is no recognized training standard for bartender certification, the curriculum and level of training varies immensely from one bartending school to another. Bartending schools do not follow a state required curriculum. The curriculum, facilities, faculty experience, and even the final exam, is ultimately determined by each bartending school. The New York Bartending School® is a state licensed bartending school. We provide our graduates with national and world-wide certification; however, our emphasis is on providing our students with a professional bartending training program that teaches the skills to work in any type of bar (local bar, cocktail lounge, restaurant, nite club, country club, casino, hotel, cruise ship, private events and parties).


“Lovely ladies and gentlemen of the New York Bartending School. I have found a position as a bartender and wanted to thank you for everything you taught me. The job is at one of the finest country clubs around, serving many elite athletes. I am glad to say that I got the job based on my knowledge of single-malt whiskey, the ability to make the perfect Manhattan, and my speed skills. So because of what you taught me, my tips are quite large. Thanks again guys" - Oscar, The Four Seasons